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yeah i should be free after school today ill be on iscribble around 5 pm your time if that works?

It does work, sounds smashing

notkagaminelen said: 80%

Let’s talk!

When ever you’re free and if I don’t have those unruly interruptions 

Maybe we could iScribble again like the old days

(* • w•)/


I’m still laughing because of the time a fish started eating another fish at the aquarium and children were like what the fuck is happening????? and the one exhibit guide just deadpanned “the circle of life”

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If I should die tonight
May I first just say I’m sorry
For I, never felt like anybody
I am a man of many hats although I
Never mastered anything
When I am ten feet tall
I’ve never felt much smaller since the fall
Nobody seems to know my name
So don’t leave me to sleep all alone
May we stay lost on our way home?

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Hello my lovely roses !!
Halloween is coming up and many of us are planing spooky parties and costumes for trick or treating. But now you can also decorate your eyes to match the Halloween feeling !
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Have a spooky October!

Remember the grandpas countries with kids on Halloween?
You’ve got:
America acting like a big kid himself
Russia’s not sure what’s happening
Japan’s handing out grandma candy ‘cause he’s an oldie
And then there’s England like “better not get too close or they’ll turn out like America”